Volume 91, Issue 33

Tuesday, October 28, 1997



Missing the point

Re: Everyone's a critic, Oct. 9

To the Editor:
Four days a week, for almost two and a half years, I have been reading the Editorial section in The Gazette. The chain of letters that has transpired since comments were made on the Gay and Lesbian Society of Western's display at Club's Week has been the most entertaining thus far.

Recently, there has been this bashing of poor, uneducated and ignorant Mr. Perrier which, I must admit, brings a smile to my face every morning, despite the anxiety of midterms. The people who have been writing in letters have been putting into words what I felt on October 16. Mr. Perrier, are you so completely desensitized in this society that you are missing the point in what is such a clearly sarcastic letter? I suppose I should stop myself now because, GOD knows, you have heard enough. I am going to jump off the "Perrier, you are an idiot!" band wagon and present a unique point.

Mr. Perrier's response is logical, if one considers the ignorance of the author. In my opinion, the audience to whom Professor Carroll is addressing, is one that is narrow-minded, ignorant and blindfolded in the pursuit of self-righteousness. They feel the need to put down others when they are threatened. A satirical letter is obviously going to be taken the wrong way because it puts this audience on the defensive, as is exemplified by Mr. Perrier's letter. Unfortunately, Professor Carroll's point was missed; no good has come of the situation as no one has learned or accepted anything except that Mr. Perrier should take an English class. My point is this: despite the brilliance of the opinion piece of the professor, sarcasm turns people off. Dr. Carroll, if you want people to listen to your opinion and change their point of view, evaluate your audience and address them appropriately.

Emily Duncan
Geophysics III

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