Volume 91, Issue 33

Tuesday, October 28, 1997



Fight for the right to residence

Re: Uppers to be ousted from residences next year, Oct. 3

To the Editor:
Recently, I have been reading quite a bit about the Board of Governors' decision to boot sophs from residence next year. From the viewpoint of a first-year student, I don't feel this is a wise decision. I don't live in residence this year, but was strongly hoping to do so next year. I feel this decision has lowered Western's standards in the eyes of first-year students. At least it has in mine. There are students who find it more of an expense to live off campus and would rather live on campus. This space was guaranteed to us when we applied as frosh and there is no reason why it shouldn't be guaranteed to us for the rest of our undergraduate careers. Some frosh may even decide that if they can no longer live on campus, they no longer want to go to Western. It may even seem petty, but some frosh feel they should transfer just because they need that guaranteed space in residence. After all, we are only first-year students, therefore transferring would not prove to be an academic loss.

Bear in mind that sophs serve as pathfinders to frosh. Out of all students, it is a known fact that sophs are the most beneficial and helpful to first-year students. If these sophs are no longer there for the frosh, who will be looked to for guidance? Third and fourth-year students? They seem to be too busy for us.

Also, from a parental viewpoint, this decision may prove not to be a good one. Some parents feel that first and second-year students are not yet ready to live independently. For some, this is a gradual transition. A student gains more and more freedom the older and more experienced they get. True, first-year students need and deserve the space in residence, but so do the sophs. It just doesn't seem fair that sophs get kicked out just because new frosh need rooms. If the reason is merely to increase first-year admission, the sophs are not the ones that deserve to lose rooms. It may be better to boot older third or fourth-year students who are more capable of living well on their own.

If the issue arises that NO students should be kicked out of residence, well, then I guess Western had better be building some new residences really fast.

S. Pervez
Arts I

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