Volume 91, Issue 34

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Union station


Students speak: Do you feel safe on campus?

"Yes, I do feel safe. I usually take the bus and the bus stops are close-by and well-lit. I also see a lot of foot patrol around campus."
–Laura Deer, English III

"During the day I feel safe, but not really at night. I had one experience where a guy started bugging me and he got angry when I tried to leave. The university is doing a lot to provide safety on campus but some things can't be avoided."
–Vaia Nouragas, Arts II

"Yes, I feel very safe on campus. I go to a lot of movies on campus at night and I find the campus is well-lit and there are a lot of emergency stations around. None of my friends have had any experiences with violence on campus either."
–Brett Rigby, Social Science II

"Absolutely not. The attitude of the majority of the students makes me feel uneasy especially when I'm walking alone. Foot patrol supplies adequate services but the reliability is questionable. How often will they be available to provide their service when it is needed?"
–Brent Cotton, Literature III

"During the day I do feel safe, but not at night. There are too many wooded areas that are not well-lit, especially around Talbot College."
–Angela Jones, Social Science II

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