Volume 91, Issue 34

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Union station


Hey, frat boys!

Re: Open letter to the president of Alpha Pi fraternity

To the Editor:
On Saturday Oct. 25, we were on our way to meet some friends at the Shot when we were accosted by several members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. The proposition was to buy $3 ticket for their event at the Base. They said we would be paying the same amount to get into the Shot and if we bought the ticket from them we could have access to the Base and the Shot. Since we are fourth-year students and know the Shot doesn't charge a cover, we chose not to give the frat boys any money. And people wonder why there is such a negative attitude towards fraternities! If your rent-a-friends don't want to come to your events, don't try to screw the rest of us!

M. Steinman
Political Science IV
C. Horenfeldt
History IV

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