Volume 91, Issue 34

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

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Step back

Re: Interpretational ambiguity, Oct. 15 and Modest proposal about immodest acts, Oct. 9

To the Editor:
There have been extreme reactions regarding Prof. Carroll's articles. Some people have commented on its idiocy and ridiculous subjective interpretation of the Bible in terms of God's "clear" condemnation of heterosexuality. Others have ridiculed Mr. Foerster and company about their ignorance of the masterpiece and humour in this satirical article.

Though I am not an expert by any means on the English language and its well-known literary work, I can appreciate someone trying to convey a message using other formats other than just a straight, blunt statement. From what I've heard and read, Prof. Carroll used Jonathan Swift's work to produce a medium to express his opinion. I've never read it. But I can appreciate Prof. Carroll's vast knowledge and his application of it. Although many Christians have a sincere intention to defend the word of God, they have missed this allusion and this does possibly convey partially their (and definitely my) ignorance of great works of literature.

At the same time, there is more to Prof. Carroll's article than being another composition just to be appreciated for its structure. He is presenting an argument regarding a controversial issue in which he is implying that we accept his point of view as a society. Many people expect society as a whole, without exception, to agree with its norms and to practice them. From a Christian point of view, a true believer can not dismiss the explicit commands from God with implied reasoning that have no truthful basis from the Bible (literally). One example was used by Mr. Campbell from 1 Corinthians 6:9b-10. There are other verses which agree with the Apostle Paul and others.

Though we do not accept all the values and standards this society has set, Christians are still called to respect and love (not sexually) EVERYONE. But that does not mean we must accept everything society accepts. The Western world wants Christians to just leave their beliefs aside when they approach the public forum and to just accept whatever society asks us to tolerate. Just as Christians are told not to shove our theology into anyone's face, we'd ask you to do the same thing. We're not asking everyone to accept our beliefs without thought; we're just asking you to be tolerant and to make you aware of the possibility of His consequences.

Alvin Lau
Psychology III

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