Volume 91, Issue 22

Friday, October 3, 1997

Sock it to the loo


Cartoon parody

Re: An open letter to students of UWO, Sept. 16

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the apology that ran in The Gazette. It referred to two Horovitz cartoons, the first showing God getting a call from Allah who asks if he has finished creating his universe yet. I am a friend of the cartoonist and know it was meant as a parody of students who procrastinate and leave important things to the last minute and was not intended to mock monotheistic religions.

The second cartoon, which featured Mumford, the magician from Sesame Street, banishing the cartoonist to Hell alongside Salmon Rushdie, was a legitimate editorial comment on the complaints that we received about the first cartoon.

Neither of these cartoons were intended to offend. They were not attacks, nor were they discriminatory and if I had to go back and run them again, I would, just as I did in 1994/95 as editor-in-chief of The Gazette.

Jeremy Barker
Editor-in-chief 1994/95

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