Volume 91, Issue 22

Friday, October 3, 1997

Sock it to the loo


Message to coffee lovers

Re:Customer service

To the Editor:

I am writing in reference to an incident that occurred Sept. 30 at The Second Cup on Dundas and Richmond Street. Some of you may be aware of The Second Cup buy-six-get-one-free card.

Being the coffee lover I am, I had accumulated my entitlement to a free cup of Java. Well, to my dismay, when I showed the older man at the counter my card, I was rudely told that he could not accept it. This, of course, was a surprise to me, since I had collected my free Java there many times before. Apparently, my card, which was given to me at that store one month prior, did not have a London stamp on it and thus it could not be accepted. I very politely informed the man that all but two of the 20 holes punched on the card were from that particular store and that I had spent a lot of money there. He was very rude in telling me that he could not make an exception, yet he asked me if I still wanted a coffee! So, brushing away a fly and stepping on a cockroach (no kidding) I walked out of the store.

Now let's assume the average cost of a cup of Java is approximately $2, this taking into account the average between a regular and a special coffee. On a sleepy day, I buy, on average, two cups a day (I'm assuming no exams). In a month, that comes to $56! Let's see, one cup of regular Java costs, in reality,10 cents to brew. You do the math – who is losing out by NOT giving me a free cup?

You may be wondering at this point why I even bothered to ever spend money at a place dirtier than the rooms in Saugeen? Well, in my naivety I actually thought spending my time there would allow me to absorb the local culture of downtown London.

Anyway, so a little disappointed about the place I frequented, I wandered two blocks down Dundas to a quaint coffee shop called The Coffee Grind. I was immediately put at ease by the sky painting on the ceiling, the couches in the rear and soothing music. Not to mention the lack of Cockroaches (the bugs and the people) that love to hang out at The Second Cup. The service was friendly and inviting. To my surprise the coffee was even cheaper and tasted like coffee should.

The moral of this story is that if you are ever downtown and would like to sit, relax and enjoy one of the fastest trends in North America, spend your hard earned money at a place meant for good coffee, not some cold-hearted franchise at the corner of Dundas and Richmond.
Alyson Hunsicker
Kinesiology II

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