Volume 91, Issue 22

Friday, October 3, 1997

Sock it to the loo


Homecoming quiz: weekend exams conflict with socials

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

Many students are wondering what kind of view they will have of Saturday's Homecoming football game from a classroom.

After receiving numerous complaints from undergraduate students about scheduling mid-term exams tonight and tomorrow, University Students' Council President Ryan Parks decided to bring the issue to Greg Moran, Western's VP-academic, at yesterday's Board of Governors meeting.

Many of these scheduled exams seem to be in first-year courses, so it is mainly first-year students who will not be able to participate in many of Homecoming's events, Parks said.

Parks explained mid-term exams are typically scheduled five weeks into the term, usually the third weekend of October – typically when Homecoming occurs. "This year, however, Homecoming is the first weekend of October, only three weeks into the term and yet the exams are still scheduled the same weekend as Homecoming."

Parks asked Moran if exam scheduling was something he could look into within the different faculties.

"[Exam] scheduling is done on the basis of academic criteria, not when Homecoming is," Moran said, adding he would not ask professors to change their schedules because of Homecoming weekend.

VP-external Ted Garrard said Homecoming is scheduled around the date of the home football game in October. "We wait until we are given a date from the CIAU [Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union] and then schedule Homecoming for this weekend."

Moran added there is a lot of annual fluctuation when it comes to Homecoming schedules. "People tend to associate events that are random," he said, referring to Homecoming and the exam period, adding it may be a cause and effect reaction on behalf of students.

"Most professors probably don't even know when Homecoming is," Moran added.

Parks said he was not implying the professors were maliciously scheduling exams to coincide with Homecoming. "There just wasn't the [five week] academic reason backing up this year's sheduling when it came to exams," he said.

"Homecoming is a chance for students to experience the festivities and many will spend it in their rooms studying or writing exams," Parks said. "My argument is not that students shouldn't be studying so they can go out and drink, but I think it is too bad many will miss out in the largest event at Western," he added.

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