Volume 91, Issue 22

Friday, October 3, 1997

Sock it to the loo


Welcome back for another view of Western

Whether you are coming back to Western after a long hiatus or enrolled in classes for your first year, Homecoming can be a special time to view the campus surroundings with new enthusiasm.

The university has undergone a metamorphosis over the years, but how dramatic the changes have been depends on your own unique perspective. There is new computer technology in the libraries which links users to a world far beyond the Richmond Street gates via the Internet. A brand new residence on campus has opened which students are calling home. New cafeterias boast menus with foods never available on campus previously.

And of course, there are new faces.

But look closely – those faces may be similar to ones you have seen before. Every year, there are intense expressions on students' faces as they research essays and cram for exams. Older buildings may have new paint but still stand strong through London's winters. And there is still a purple pride displayed here by students and alumni alike.

With the common picture we face nowadays of tuition increases, lack of an effective student loan program and funding cutbacks, it's nice to take time-out for one weekend of the year to celebrate what we do have – school pride, higher education, a great athletic program, friends and memories that are still being created.

Throughout this edition of The Gazette, a ViewMaster will guide you through some of Western's most interesting moments in news, sports and entertainment.

No matter what your views, something has drawn you to Western. Whether you are taking a nostalgic visit back to your prided Alma Mater, or about to partake in the Homecoming experience for the first time, we hope you have a safe and picture-perfect Homecoming weekend.

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