Volume 91, Issue 35

Thursday, October 30, 1997



Take out the trash

Re: Explicit sex, Oct. 28

To the Editor:
Ms. Duggan missed the boat. It is not so much the posters, but rather the in-your-face approach that is taking students at Western aback. She has been allowed to have a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual etc. club at Western, but that does not give her the right to show this gay porn. If all she wanted to portray was this "tender moment between two individuals," it surely could have been done in a less tacky and crass manner. If she wanted to make it clear that her posters "were NOT depictions of EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY," why did she choose such borderline posters? I believe the purpose of her posters was for pure shock value. She knew the USC wouldn't dare tell her to take the posters down because she would have screamed discrimination (I might add a rather perverted interpretation of the term – no pun intended).

In rebuttal to Ms. Duggan's childish name-calling of the decent people who complained about her posters, I believe she jumped to a rather closed-minded opinion in assuming they have lived a sheltered life or are homophobic (whatever that means these days). Rather, I believe people are just tired of seeing this kind of trash displayed at our university. Just like Ms. Duggan, we too have a say on what we believe is acceptable and what is not. Listen to the voices of your fellow students and don't show that garbage again.

Patrick Callaghan
History II

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