Volume 91, Issue 35

Thursday, October 30, 1997



Rumbling over Haylor's gut feelings

Re: Western football strategy

To the Editor:
There is a fundamental problem regarding the quarterback situation this year. This is no surprise, as there was also a large controversy last year over who should start. In the end, Jordan Haylor, coach [Larry] Haylor's son, won out. What was interesting about last year's feud was not the number of people who demanded Jordan be removed from the field in favour of Curri, but the strong determination coach Haylor showed in his starting quarterback. In my eyes, that was admirable.

By sticking with the man he chose to lead his team, coach Haylor gave his starter (and team) confidence amidst all the controversy. One might say it was only because that quarterback was his son, yet I believe there was more at stake – there was the principle of it all. And in this case, coach Haylor showed character.

What I find distressing this year, however, is the ease with which coach Haylor removed his starter from that role. By doing this, he completely contradicted his previous stance, thereby raising questions as to whether or not Haylor's position last year stemmed from his son being at the helm.

Under Curri this year, Western was 5-1 and ranked No. 2 in the nation for much of that time. That is anything but inadequate. It is true that Western needed a 'kick-start' in the second half against York. O'Brien gave them that. That was a great call by Haylor. But that is precisely why you have a second-string quarterback – to replace the starter from time to time if he's injured or needs a boost. That does not mean you replace him at the first sign of adversity. People may also point to Western's loss on Homecoming weekend. But, I would like to remind them that the team as a whole played poorly.

What I want to bring to light is the glaring inconsistency on the part of coach Haylor. Saturday's tie against McMaster was anything but encouraging going into the playoffs. Haylor's actions have created a quarterback controversy that only leaves the team wondering who is going to lead them into the playoffs. If Haylor had showed the same character this year that he did last year, perhaps the Mustangs would not be in this bind.

Dave Parsons
History IV

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