Volume 91, Issue 35

Thursday, October 30, 1997



Losing time

Re: Teacher's strike

To the Editor:
I have been in great distress lately, with my dismay over the teachers' strike. Does the training of our children, the very people who are going to have to pay our medical bills and pensions – not to mention the interest on the public debt – mean nothing to the provincial government?

Where are their priorities when the indoctrination of future taxpayers and voters can be interrupted in this way? We are in danger of our children not receiving proper training in environmentalism, sensitivity, self-esteem, egalitarianism and submission to arbitrary authority. These are all very important to the maintenance of peace, order, good government and massive wealth redistribution. In a day and age where the welfare state, its representatives and its policies are held in contempt by a growing proportion of the adult population, it is ever more important that our children be given the opportunity to spend their childhoods in an environment where sensitivity, altruism, compassion and obedience are nurtured.

I shudder at the thought of a generation of young people who have not learned that their time belongs to the state. Let us all work for a speedy resumption of the educational process!

Mike Davidson
Scholars' Electives II

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