Volume 91, Issue 35

Thursday, October 30, 1997



Candidates look forward

By Andrew Jefferson and Ed Stack
Gazette Staff

Today's feature includes the last two candidates running in ward one. Grab tomorrow's paper to check out the five mayoral candidates and next week's issues to see who the ward two candidates are.

Today's candidates were asked why they are running for their positions and why students should vote for them.

Steve Orser is an experienced paralegal who operates a recycling company. He explained why he is running for councillor. "London should have a business-friendly environment to create the kind of jobs that keep people here – especially students," he said.

Orser described himself as a creative thinker who is equitable. He believes his previous experience lobbying against privatization of fire services is an example of the type of service and dedication he said Londoners can expect.

Ken Savage, a business consultant, said the reason he is running for London City Council is because there could be a better way for handling things and he believes he has the qualities to get things done.

These qualities stem from his volunteer experience including having worked on the Canada Games committee, tourism and student employment.

Increasing dialogue with students is one thing Savage said he would like city council to do because students are a tremendous source of ideas and energy, he said. He said he is pushing economic development to advance London and create jobs for students.

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