Volume 91, Issue 35

Friday, October 31, 1997

flesh and bones


Dressing up and lashing out

So it's Halloween and despite racking your brain for hours on end, you still don't have a costume for the party. Well, here are a few suggestions which are pretty scary, as well as very fitting for the occasion:

1) Get together with a bunch of your friends and tell them to dress up like a bunch of clowns – when you get to the party, tell everyone you're the USC.

2) Go as the invisible man and say you're Paul Davenport. If that doesn't work, tell everyone you're running for Mayor – Dianne Hasket will get it.

3) Dress in black and put yourself inside a bright blue HulaHoop – shabang, an instant hockey puck from the Fox network!

4) Grab a beenie hat and strap on a pair of skis – you're a helicopter!

5) Roll around in a garbage dump until your clothes are sufficiently soiled – hey that's the perfect imitation of residence food!

6) For a little taste of tradition, dress up as the wicked witch of the West and arrive at your destination in style – fly in on your Grindrod.

7) You can always dress up like a homeless person and say you are one of next year's Sophs.

8) All you need is a bunch of faux fur and some fish net to go as Marv Albert's hairpiece.

9) Roll a teacher for their strike sign – stage your own protest by picketing at the party.

10) Get yourself a mask of Mike Harris, a donkey suit and attach an extra toe – go as a freaky jackass.

Happy Halloween!

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