Volume 91, Issue 35

Friday, October 31, 1997

flesh and bones


Injecting fashion into London's veins

By Carey Weinberg
Gazette Staff

Quirky, sexy and community oriented. If you stop in at The Century Club tomorrow, prepare for Tranquil Ubiquitous – a benefit fashion show featuring dance, local designers' wares and a few surprises.

London is experiencing an effort from various community groups breathing life into London's downtown core. Projects like The London New Arts Festival and The Forest City Jazz Festival are investing time and talent into the city. Tranquil Ubiquitous is yet another part of this attempt to artistically revitalize London.

Producer Brandon Graat discusses the main reason behind Tranquil Ubiquitous, "I think it's important we educate children on agriculture and the importance of non-pesticide use, also how to work in the soil. Bring humans back to earth – we are one with earth after all."

Being one with the earth is a valiant aspiration and the method by which this is being achieved is equally as impressive. The fashion show is a fun way to offer help to these causes while simultaneously placing focus on local independent fashion designers, DJs, dancers and aspiring models.

The artistic bent in the show is entrenched in its varied forms of entertainment. There's belly dancing, modern dancing, break dancing and a thematic exploration of aspects of urban culture, flavoured by various other cultural influences.

Some of the designers being featured in the show include Naughty, Dynasty 26, Sarah Fortune, Daemons in My Closet, Frilly Lizard, a set from a Flea Market and hemp clothing.

Proceeds are going towards organic gardens on school yards, education of organic culture and community organic gardens. Proceeds will also be donated to The London Waldorf School and the Life Skills Centre: people working with physically challenged people giving them life skills so they function independently.

So for the styles, smiles and wiles, pop by The Century at 194 Dundas St. tomorrow. Tickets are $10, or $8 with an Arts Project membership.

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