Volume 91, Issue 35

Friday, October 31, 1997

flesh and bones


Sixteen years of news and tunes

By Kent McKee
Gazette Staff

Many people may believe Friday, Oct. 31 is only a night to participate in forms of hooey, horror and Halloweening – but it also marks the birthday of two of Western's most influential media sources – CHRW radio and TV Western.

Although CHRW is virtually void of mainstream music, this campus underground station displays a growing diversity of programming that reaches as far as Chatham, Ontario. Programming is offered 24 hours a day, all year round. Even at 4:15 on a Wednesday morning, you have a Western friend, a London confident, a selfless University soulmate providing your ears interesting and melodious euphony.

Because the station is often programmed for special interest groups who tune in for their program, it's not meant to be the type of station you can listen to all day long. CHRW is staffed by a large and diverse crew of all age groups and backgrounds.

The station is celebrating its 16th anniversary today with a "live-to-air" event in the UCC atrium, starting at noon. The event will feature a performance by Dave Merritt (formerly of Adam West) as well as stellar London-based bands Coral and Zuul's Evil Disco. Come early to avoid missing out on the birthday cake! In the evening, the radio station will continue to celebrate at Call the Office; where local bands Bomb 32 and Zuul's Evil Disco will be performing with the Australian band Gellyfish.

Also, TV Western, which has just recently amalgamated with CHRW, is celebrating its third birthday today. At 11 a.m. there will be a videotaping of "The Moving Picture," a movie review and preview show live in the atrium – this week with a Halloween theme and, of course, don't forget the many happy returns.

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