Volume 91, Issue 35

Friday, October 31, 1997

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Teachers have no business striking

Re: Teachers will strike over Bill 160, Oct.23

To the Editor:
The main points of Bill 160 seem to be upsetting the teachers. Why? More periods to teach a day, what's wrong with that? High school teachers only teach three periods a day, department heads two. Most working people go from nine to five – so should the teachers.

There is plenty of prep-time during the year, like professional development days, March break and let's not forget that long summer. So prep time is definitely not an issue.

The next issue is about allowing unqualified teachers to head classrooms. People obviously don't see how the students will benefit by having someone with real-world experience teaching them. Computer students would especially benefit from this by having someone from the industry teaching them the exact skills they will need to be effective in the work-place. The industry would also benefit by having a direct link in the classrooms to workers of the future. Besides, why do you need a teaching certificate to teach physical education and music?

The final issue is about giving the government the right to control education. Well, the last time I checked, we vote for our government officials, not the head of the Board of Education. The government should be in control since our taxes pay teacher's salaries, thus, the money should be spent wisely and efficiently and not wasted on unnecessary resources such as Trustees and other needless positions. Some teachers will lose their jobs. Well, the ones that do, probably will deserve to. Now they will have to own up to their work and this will definitely eliminate those bad teachers out there who literally don't care about their job and their students.

A quick comment to Buzz Hargrove. Why are you involved in this? This issue has in no way a direct affect on the C.A.W.. Obviously you have nothing better to do with your time then to go on strike. All this proves is that the teachers' unions are desperate for support.

The bottom line here is that Mike Harris' government is doing an excellent job and is taking a definite step in the right direction to solving our education problems and balancing the budget. If the teachers go on strike they should be punished, there are plenty of university graduates and industry officials out there qualified (if not more) to come in and teach the students.

Therefore, I conclude that Bill 160 will benefit students by hopefully raising the quality of their education by making teachers more responsible for their work and it will benefit the people of Ontario by knowing our tax dollars will finally stop being wasted and that our deficit is being decreased. Way to go, Mike!!

Paul Andrusyshyn
Science III

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