Volume 91, Issue 35

Friday, October 31, 1997

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Recruiting sex?

Re: Administration problems

To the Editor:
If the gradual elimination of O-week has not already eroded your faith in the competence of the folks at Stevenson-Lawson, then I hope a disheartening experience that I had last week, will.

I received a phone call from Judy Noordermeer of the public affairs and communications office, asking me to have my picture taken for use in promotions in the Toronto area. Visions of the lame group photos that appear in the material that is given to OAC students came to my mind. Unfortunately, it was not as innocent as that.

I was told I had been picked to participate because of my academic record, but I soon realized the professional photographer, from the New York City advertising firm who was running the session, obviously was judging everyone solely on appearance. Thankfully, I was not deemed suitable, because had I had the right "look," my face and academic profile would have been plastered on bus shelters and billboards all over Metro Toronto.

As if this process was not demeaning enough, I was shown some of the proposed layouts for the advertisements that had been approved by administration. The one that disturbed me the most was a slick, head and shoulders shot of a nude young woman. The caption below read "Sarah Cartwright, honours Zoology. Interests: all animals – including men."

Perhaps I am an idealist, but I do not believe that the endless tuition hikes should be used to fund high-flying ad campaigns, especially when enrollment is up and residences are over-crowded. For a school that is doing its best to attract new students based on its academic record, Western is doing a great job of putting that Diesel ad in the Westernizer to shame. Western should be an educational institution, not a corporation out to turn a profit. We deserve better.

Mary Velpel
Scholar's Electives II

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