Volume 91, Issue 23

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

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Dictionary helps define response

Re: Offensive poster, Sept. 25

To the Editor:
Just a quick response to Dave Theobald who expressed apparent disgust with uwOUT's display during clubs week. I thought I would explore his words, thoughts and implications with a bit of help from the Oxford Dictionary. Please, bear with me.

EXPLICIT: expressly stated, not merely implied; stated in detail. Also: definite, outspoken. For example, the "posters which depicted homosexuals partaking in...sexual activities," which were pointed out by Mr. Theobald.

IMPLICIT: implied, though not plainly expressed. Also: absolute, unquestioning. For example, poster which might depict heterosexuals partaking in sexual activities.

ABSOLUTE: unconditional, despotic. For example: heterosexual and usually, heterosexuality.

DEVIANT: deviating from what is normal (absolute?), especially sexually. For example: homosexuality, sodomy and paedophilia – according to Mr. Theobald.

NORMAL: conforming to a standard; regular, usual, typical. For example, heterosexuality, which is implicitly understood to have no association with either paedophilia or sodomy – never! Of course!

REPUGNANT: extremely distasteful, contradictory. For example, that which is deviant or not normal.

RIGOUR: logical exactitude. For example, as employed by Mr. Theobald, "we should examine some of the arguments...with a little bit of rigour."

VALUE-LADEN: words and arguments which are burdened with value judgements – in short, which are lacking in rigour. For example, Mr. Theobald's arguments in his letter and words like "repugnant," "normal," "deviant" and "explicit".

HOLIER-THAN-THOUGH: self-righteous. For example: Mr. Theobald, or so it would seem.

LOOSEN UP: in addition to exploring the meaning up rigour, what Mr. Theobald really needs to do. No pun intended.

Rick Telfer
Sociology IV

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