Volume 91, Issue 23

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

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Curri attack unfair

Re: Chicken Curri, Oct. 2

To the Editor:
I was shocked to see The Gazette's unfair attack on Western's quarterback Oliver Curri. Curri is an excellent quarterback with a strong arm and good decision-making abilities.

Now, after one poor game, writer John Intini jumps on Curri referring to him as a "puppet" and calling him a "choker."

Where was John Intini when Curri threw a last-second touchdown pass to put Western ahead in the first half of the season opener? Was Mr. Intini drooling over cheerleaders when Curri picked apart Laurier's secondary or when he completed 87 per cent of his passes against Toronto?

Against Windsor, Curri did not play his best but his two starting receivers were out, leading to miscommunication and mistiming. Furthermore, although short on completions, he didn't throw any interceptions and completed some key passes. Curri is the best quarterback in the OUA who excels under pressure. Over the season he will prove to Intini and other doubters of his ability.

M.J. Dodds
Geography IV

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