Volume 91, Issue 23

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

frosh and go


Racist mentality at Western

Re: Prejudice

To the Editor:
As a first-year student living in residence, I was introduced almost immediately to the message that Western strongly encourages tolerance and respect for all it's students.

Unfortunately, in the weeks that have followed O-week, I have encountered a level of ignorance from fellow students that you would not expect to find on a university campus and worse, yet in university classrooms. This includes racial slurs and remarks, use of the n-word and comments that would be considered prejudicial in any light.

It still amazes me how clueless people are to the damage these comments inflict on their fellow classmates, and the Western community.

As a UWO student first, and a black student second, I am sickened by this racist mentality which is clearly based on misconceptions and lies and I am confused as to why any university student would believe and voice such garbage so freely.

Yvette Diaz
Arts I

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