Volume 91, Issue 23

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

glass houses


Nip and Tuck

We go round and round and round.

We've been here before and who's to say we won't be here again. Yes it's renovation time in the University Community Centre and we can't wait for the dust, confusion, chaos and noise to reign supreme once again.

The UCC expansion construction began in October 1992. And just when we thought the many subsequent face-lifts were all over and done with, the post office was ripped out of its sockets on the main floor and re-established in Inprint this week.

Construction will be the major legacy of Western's '90s councils. The basement stores were shuffled around last year, The Spoke moved in, a patio was built and the Wave (formerly The Max) got a face-lift. And coming attractions include a new formal wear shop, photo studio, Via Rail ticket outlet and dry cleaners.

Since the USC loves to do renovations like Gazetters love to write, we offer our suggestions for some changes we'd love to see in the building:

Put all the operation names into a bag and then shake them up. Pull out one name at a time and see just which floor everything ends up on. That way the Wave might end up in the basement (fill in the pool with cement and you've got a great dance floor), Campus Recreation on the third floor (a pool would look great in the USC boardroom) and TV Western out by the loading dock. The fun goes on and on.

Of course a perfect addition to the building would be the inclusion of one of the casinos that have been suggested for London. That way students could go to the casino in the formal wear they bought at school, have pictures taken at the photo studio, then take the coinage won at the casino and go to the pool hall and play. In the morning, drop off that shabby tux at the dry cleaners. Think of the synergy happening between all the operations.

Also, the USC should consider renting-out space for homeless sophs and upper-year students who can't get into residences.

Construction may seem like a fun ritual to perform in Western's most frequented building every year, but the structural shuffle in the UCC must come to a conclusion more sooner than later. Otherwise, the building, just like the annual reconstruction costs, will cave in on helpless and confused students.

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