Volume 91, Issue 23

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

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Ad degrading

Re: Casualteez Ad OK, Oct. 1

To the Editor:
It is unfortunate that Levon Stevenson was unable to detect the problem with the Diesel ad in the Westernizer. The fact he has seen worse appears to have desensitized him to recognizing offensive material.

The Diesel ad is degrading to women because it conveys the message that women are so preoccupied with making themselves sexually available that they are willing to abuse positions of trust and responsibility. This picture discredits all women in the workplace because it creates the impression that sex and careers mix. Sexual harassment in the workplace is already a serious and very real issue which many women will have to face. A picture like this only serves to continue the steady stream of media messages which create the right conditions for stereotyping and harassment to flourish.

I applaud Natalie Clarke for criticizing the Diesel ad. In speaking out against the objectification of women – I am certain she has done society a favour. One less ad like this will bring us one step closer to according women with equal dignity and respect. Then hopefully our society will be capable of differentiating between a respectful picture of a beautiful woman and a degrading picture of a beautiful woman. The former is aesthetically pleasing, the latter is simply disgusting.

Diana Reynolds
USC Equity Officer

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