Volume 91, Issue 23

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

glass houses


USC bureaucracy

Re: Enough is Enough

To the Editor:
The USC: $14 million, a bewildering bureaucracy and precious little student representation. The corporation known as the USC is unable to respond to common student concerns. To compensate for this, today marks the emergence of a new student voice on campus, one whose sole purpose is to represent the immediate concerns of students. One which believes that your concerns are at the heart of good student representation, free of the systemic flaws and inherent paper-pushing spawned by the corporate responsibilities of your student government.

Our group believes student representation on campus (not the running of businesses) should be the first and foremost responsibility of student government. Through your input and support we hope to achieve these tangible improvements: ensuring (as opposed to previous years) that there are no Friday evening exams before long weekends and holidays, calling for an end to closed-door USC meetings and redressing service problems within the academic counselling programmes. But these are hardly all the issues we're interested in. Unfortunately, Western is one of the few universities in Ontario where these situations exist. Is this because Western students don't care about the decisions made for us? No. This is because of ineffective student representation at Western – and running a federal candidate at $47 a vote is not the kind of focus that these changes demand.

If you are dissatisfied with the USC and/or student representation at Western, we need your contribution, whether it's criticism or assistance, as we organize our campaign for change. This is the opportunity for us, the student body, to empower ourselves for the future. When we show that reasonable improvements can be effected on your concerns, there will be no limit to what we can accomplish. We are the Student Interest Association; students like you, working hard to create a real opportunity for you to be heard. We can be reached at lblack@julian.uwo.ca. Your support (and signatures) are what we need to make a difference for all of us.

Michael Creighton
Chemistry and Environmental Science III,
Scott Black
Hon. Biochemistry and Chemistry III,
Representatives, The Student Interest Association

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