Volume 91, Issue 23

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

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Rez locks horns with admin

Nick Burdan/Gazette
I'M TAKING A PICTURE OF THE DOOR, REALLY. Our photographer and reporter were thrown out of a hush-hush residents' council meeting last night by senior director of housing and food services Susan Grindrod (at head of table).

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

A closed meeting between Western's housing and food services and residents' council presidents last night produced positive discussion on recent policies regarding residence issues, students say.

The two main topics of discussion were decisions made by administration last week regarding off-campus pubs organized by residents' councils and the possibility of upper-year students and volunteers no longer having rooms available to them in residence.

The residents' council presidents said the meeting was a good forum for discussion, but perhaps a bit too late as they are concerned important decisions are being made without their input.

"I think [housing and food services director] Susan Grindrod will take what we discussed and relay it to the higher administrative members. However, it is our wish to be involved earlier on in the decision-making process," said Matthew Bryce, president of Medway/Sydenham's residents' council.

Dan Phillipson, president of Delaware's council, explained a draft-form of a policy regarding off-campus pubs was introduced at the meeting. The guidelines restrict the number of off-campus pubs to two per term and outline safety measures to be followed while using buses to travel to off-campus bars.

The council presidents were told the policy was negotiable and a work in progress, Bryce explained. "We are pleased with the guidelines, they are quite reasonable," said Ricardo Mathison, president of Saugeen-Maitland Hall's council. He added they are once again permitted to advertise off-campus pubs in the residence and sell tickets for these events.

But the policy regarding upper-year students and volunteers no longer being offered a room in residence will result in changes to orientation week, the presidents said.

"This issue certainly invoked a response from us as we feel Western has a new goal for recruiting," Bryce said. Mathison added the administration has found the right formula for recruiting efforts and apparently will not back down.

Nadeem Dhalla, chair of Essex Hall's residents' association, however, had a different reaction to the new policy. "There was an understanding from the residents' councils that the administration wants to use the recruitment tool of offering first-year students a room in residence and therefore must remove some upper-year students' positions to do so."

He said he is not concerned about losing council members within the residences as there is a provision in the policy to provide rooms for the core council members.

University Students' Council President Ryan Parks said it was his impression from President Davenport's presentation to the Board of Governors that this provision would allow rooms for no more than five people – not enough to run a council.

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