Volume 91, Issue 25

Thursday, October 9, 1997

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Headline an insult to Greeks

Re: Greek garbage shows disrespect for campus, Sept.25

To the Editor:
The editorial headline on the above-mentioned letter both shocked and disappointed me. Being of Greek descent, I found this headline offensive. In writing this headline, a lack of basic judgement was shown on the part of The Gazette. Members of the Hellenic community are proud of their heritage and to be labelled "disrespectful," even if inadvertently, is an insult to the struggles many have endured.

Place yourself in this position. One reads a headline which depicts members of your ethnic group as "disrespectful." You ask yourself, has Canada taken 10 steps backwards?

The rich culture of Greeks should be celebrated, not trashed by undiscerning headline makers.

To many, Canada represents the ideals of ethnic diversity and understanding. As citizens of this great nation it is our duty to seek positive connotations that enhance our understanding. I would ask The Gazette writers to please keep this in mind. If you do, your readers will attain something greater: understanding!

I hope the staff of The Gazette will take this opportunity to refrain from inferring that The greek letter societies (which is the proper name for the organizations of fraternities and sororities) are connected to the history and culture of the nation of Greece. Inaccuracy in these matters demonstrates a lack of understanding.

Stavros Rougas
VP-executive Hellenic Society

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