Volume 91, Issue 25

Thursday, October 9, 1997

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Cliff's Mailbag

Cliff's mailbag is a weekly column which attempts to answer the myriad of questions inquiring Western students are going out of their minds trying to figure out. From Western questions, to science questions, to inane trivial nonsense – intrepid Cliff will ferret out the answer...or DIE TRYING!!! Send questions to UCC, Room 263 c/o Cliff or email gaznews@julian.uwo.ca.

Cliff is a happy fella. Happy as a clam at high tide. Why? He's getting lots of letters. Keep them coming you quizzical kids! All questions will be answered in due time – no matter how silly.

Norman Mah asks:
Why do bank tellers insist on saying "PIN" number or "SIN" number? What does the "n" stand for?

An interesting question to be sure! Cliff called the Royal Bank's office on Richmond Street and spoke to a friendly teller named Gertrude. She told Cliff PIN stands for "personal identification number" and SIN stands for "social insurance number." When asked why tellers say PIN number she answered "I don't know, it's probably silly."

That's answer enough for Cliff. Often times, for no reason, people are redundant, repeat things, or say again what has already been said. On many occasions, people are redundant. Thanks for the letter Normy (I'll answer your other question later).

Derek McLachlin asks:
Why is New York City called the Big Apple?

Cliff has told me on many occasions "if you want to get an answer – GO TO THE TOP!" So Cliff called New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani hoping to get to the core (sorry) of this pressing issue. When Cliffy talks, big people listen! They don't however, take his calls. Cliffy was forwarded to the press department who offered to fax him the information he needed. He's still waiting. Look for the answer next week.


Cliff's anonymous source "J" has passed on the following information: the toilet seats are being left up again! "J" is tickled pink about this (she likes to know they are clean) but Cliff wants to know what you think. Come in to Rm. 263 and participate in this survey by checking off "Yes! I love raised toilet seats!" or "No! For the love of God – put them down!" Or, call 661-3580 with your answer. A polling sheet will be stuck to The Gazette door. Cliff will post the results next week. Let your voice be heard!

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