Volume 91, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

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Space Filler

Ever wonder what this space is for?

In case you don't know, you are reading the editorial – a column devoted entirely to the voice of the paper. Each day members of The Gazette huddle onto crusty couches to contemplate current issues and select the view of the paper based on a majority vote by the ed-board (our powerful pack of plausible editors).

The editorial serves two purposes for you, the reader. First, it lets you know what The Gazette's position is on the topic at hand, giving you an argument that is supported with facts and information considered relevant in the minds of the ed-board.

Most importantly, however, the editorial offers suggestions on ways to improve the situation and look for alternatives. Without some attempt to better the world, this space would just be for bickering and whining – and what's the point of giving you something you already have to put up with already?

The editorial can also be silly, but it is still important that there are suggestions included in the piece.

Basically, this space is reserved for constructive criticism and/or positive reinforcement by a small, but concerned group of students-turned-journalists. And when it comes to actually typing the article itself, any number of editors can help to type the words, but the only name to be attached to an editorial is that of The Gazette.

But let's say, for argument's sake, you didn't enjoy reading the words confined inside this rectangular box (today not included). Let's imagine that you disagree with the views of the paper, or anything else for that matter. What can you do?

Simple. Write a letter to the editor.

Every day we reach into the big red mailbox found just inside the door of our office (room 263 of the UCC) to search for letters expressing the views of the student body. Our hope is that students who have a problem with an article, photo, cartoon, column or editorial – or non-Gazette peeves like lousy professors, bad lunch meat, or even rip-off auto mechanics – will speak up. No issue is too big or small.

And if you want to become even more involved, come write, draw or take photos. Whatever your interest, there's room for you within these walls. The Gazette is a democratic, volunteer organization. We need as much help as we can get to deliver this fine paper four times a week.

To Contact The Editorial Department: gazed@julian.uwo.ca

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