Volume 91, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

frosh 'n' tasty


Rob drops Base at The Nac

Hip hop music just doesn't sound the way it used to. It doesn't have the same flavour. It doesn't have the same raw appeal that it had way back in 1987 when Rob Base and DJ EZ-Rock released "It takes two."

The Sept.4 performance at The Nac helped highlight the talent of the old-school hip hop duo with plenty of hype lyrics and of course lots of heavy base tracks. Rob Base was as smooth as ever, flowing one line into another, while EZ-Rock kept the background tracks quick and hard-hitting.

The big difference between their style and hip hop today is in the production. Before hip hop hit mainstream, every track sounded like it was made in someone's basement. It probably was, but at least it was original. Hip hop today takes in so much sampling and borrows so many of the same lyrics that it is almost generic. Even though it is more professional and packaged better, it still sounds the same. Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock brought some originality to hip hop in London.

From the start you could see that the London crowd was a lot more tame than those of New York or Miami. Firstly, the turnout was rather small, considering it was a Thursday night concert. Secondly, the audience was barely half-hearted in their enthusiasm. Thirdly, the best bootie (ass shaking) contest was sad. Where are all the female dancers in London? Not at The Nac, let me tell you. The rap duo finished off with their smash hit "It takes two" which had the crowd up and jumping. You almost had to feel bad for Rob Base, yet you had to give him credit for getting a small pulse out of an almost dead body.

–Yaseen Nimjee

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