Volume 91, Issue 7

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

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Keeping the Princess alive

By James Pugsley
Gazette Staff

We, as students in a land of opportunity and free press, have a couple of ways to look at the death of the beloved Princess Diana.

The first option would be to huddle around the TV set and spend countless days, months and years watching episodes of Hard Copy, American Journal, Entertainment Tonight and other trashy shows that will undoubtedly continue to probe the life and death of Diana along with the future of the Royal family. For the world's media, which has had little to do since O.J. left town, the death of Diana is great news. There will be reports, documentaries, made-for-TV movies and finger-pointing biographies to intrigue anyone who has ever examined the soap opera at Buckingham Palace.

However that option, dear friends, defeats the reason why millions of people around the world paused for a moment of silence on Sunday. The tribute to Diana was not because of her torturous association with royalty, as devastating as that turned out to be. No, the main reason we all paid attention was because of Diana's selfless efforts to try and make the world a better place.

With that in mind, the other option would be for us, the future leaders of the world, to spend our time focusing on what mattered to Diana. Namely, humanity. To look at what she fought for and not those she fought against.

Instead of spending our time wondering about Prince Charles' next lover, Duchess Fergie's future scandals or the problems inherited by the royal children, we should turn off the television and take aim at a cure for AIDS, homes for the homeless and the abolishment of land mines (to name a few). The world must move on without emphasis on the Royal soap. Shifting attention to her causes would be the best gift we could give to the memory of such a great human being.

The Princess gave her life long before she passed away. Now we have the choice to sit back and watch her entire life's saga unfold until it is replaced by the next big story, or we can concentrate on continuing her efforts to make this world a better place for everyone. For the latter, Diana would be grateful.

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