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Volume 91, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

froshted flakes


The Jetson set

My, how times have changed. With orientation week still fresh in our minds, this year's appropriately chosen futuristic theme seems to resound over Western's campus as we move further into what may just be – the space age.

Like never before, the presence of new and various forms of technology penetrate almost every aspect of students' daily lives.

Take Essex Hall, Western's newest campus building for example. With its new electronic card-key door entry device, digital cable system and suped-up climate control, this residence would almost make The Jetson's jealous.

Take a step outside this majestic building to be instantly blinded by the new electronic billboard outside Thompson Arena – also hypnotizing the oncoming drivers on Sarnia Rd. who may not even be interested in buying a ticket for the game.

A little further down the road, you can be instantly zapped into the parking lot by Western's newest hands-free parking pass before dashing off to your videoteleconferencing class at the Ivey School of Business.

If not at the Biz school, check out what's being offered in the new Media and Information Technoculture program where students use communications technology and learn with the latest tools offered in the mass media revolution.

Speaking of the media, despite the fact that The Gazette's web pages are updated using computers from the Palaeozoic era, just down the hall, Radio Western (CHRW 94.7 FM) is pumping out the tunes with a brand new real audio service for the Internet.

After class, students can be seen across campus in droves using cell phones – maybe so they can get together at the Internet employment café found in the Student Development Centre and try to look for a job.

How about the addition of personal websites and email accounts for all students? It sure beats walking all the way across campus in the blistering cold winter to say "hi" to your friends – now you can walk across campus to in the blistering cold winter to send them an email.

Regardless of the increase in Western's electric bill this year and the added costs to repair all of this neat stuff after the first rainfall, the fact that Western continues to plug away in the field of technological advancements is positive – not a negative. Besides, if the university hadn't made these modern-day improvements, it's likely everyone on campus would be rather shocked.

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