Volume 91, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

froshted flakes


Let's go to the movies

Ah, September! It's a time of new beginnings and beautiful endings. It is a time when over 4,000 young men and women are beginning the rest of their lives here at Western and when we say goodbye to the summer that was, and hello to a promising year, full of enlightenment and excitement. It's a time when the leaves begin to change and the sunsets come earlier and earlier in their most majestic form. Ah, September! What better way to spend this, the most exciting of months, than by taking in a film.

Not what you expected? Well, neither are the great places London has to offer for film viewing. Our fair town has a little something for everyone, ranging from blockbuster megaplexes to avant garde film houses and all points in between.

Obviously, the most popular of movie houses in London are the major two – Cineplex Odeon and Famous Players. Unfortunately, none of them are located very close to campus. On the second floor of Galleria London, a Cineplex Odeon multiplex can be found and just down the street from that, at 195 Dundas St. West, Famous Players has set up shop at Smuggler's Alley. Smuggler's Alley is recommended for no other reason than the fact that standing in an abandoned mall on a Tuesday night can be quite an enjoyable experience.

If anyone is so inclined, they could also take in a major film outside the downtown area, it just simply requires proper transportation. The Cineplex Odeon's theatres are located on the second floor of the Westmount Mall and at the Huron Market Place at 1251 Huron St.. Famous Players also has a great new cineplex called the Wellington 8, located at 983 Wellington St. South.

If major blockbusters are not your thing, London's got you covered. The New Yorker, located at 329 Richmond St., is an absolutely fabulous movie house for films that were not released widely throughout the nation, but are still very much worth seeing. It is, by far, the cream of the crop in terms of movie experiences within the city limits.

For all of you who are into dizziness and optical experiences, the Western Fair Grounds is home to an Imax Theatre. It offers exhilarating viewing but be sure to bring your Gravol.

Last, but certainly not least among the movie houses in London, is the McKellar Room on the second floor of the University Community Centre, which is operated by our very own Western Film. Their films are released about two to three months after their public release date, but for four bucks, (two bucks on Tuesdays) you can't go wrong.

Well, there you have it. A place for you to catch a film no matter what you're into and no matter where you are. Judging by the new crop of films coming to a theatre near you, including L.A. Confidential starring Kevin Spacey, Bean starring Rowan Atkinson, and A Life Less Ordinary starring Ewan McGreggor, the seats will certainly be full.

–Dan Yurman

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