Volume 91, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

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Agonizing soul search

Life of Agony
Soul Searching Sun

Soul Searching Sun, the third and latest album from the New York hard core act Life of Agony, shows that this group has grown both as musicians and as songwriters. The lyrics still contain the personal, if not painful, insights into lead singer Keith Caputo's life and point of view.

As a whole, the album is mostly dark, even though the first song is called "Hope." Still, with lyrics that claim "I'm feeling like I'm slipping/ the same old situation/ I'm speaking, but no ones listening/It's the same old conversation/but I know there's no hope," you know that this album will not have any fluffy, happy, feel-good songs.

Other songs on the album include the sexual imagery of "Tangerine", with Kissesque lyrics like "Take a bite from the fruit of life/ for the fruit of life is sweet/ 'cause the fruit of life is sweet/ you're my Tangerine." The song "Desire" sounds a little poppish, but the lyrics are surprisingly nihilistic.

Life of Agony use its dynamics quite well. Unlike other heavy hard-core bands that play thrash exclusively, Life of Agony play a surprisingly mellow tune like "Angry Three." On this album, the band is musically interesting and solid throughout.

Soul Searching Sun is an adequate album, but it doesn't quite match up with the band's first album River Runs Red, which painted a darker picture and contained more personal lyrics. This is a more listener friendly album that demonstrates the band's growth. Life of Agony have found out that sometimes the quietest whisper is more powerful then the loudest scream.

–Gregory Hubert

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