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Volume 91, Issue 8

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

froshted flakes



Hot to trot

Visitors of The Spoke and The Wave, along with others who were having a late stay at the University Community Centre, got a cold shower Monday night when they were forced to leave the building just before midnight due to a fire alarm.

"No evidence of actual fire was found," said Trevor Telfer, chair of the University Students' Council Events Staff. The alarm went off at 11:48 p.m. and took approximately five minutes to reset once the police arrived.

Spoke manager Mark Serré said it took about half an hour to clear out the occupants of the bar.

Andrew Mes, assistant manager of The Wave, said his bar's situation was even worse. Out of the estimated 600 people at the bar, only about 150 returned after being forced to wait outside, he said.

Constable Wendy McGowan from the University Police Department said students should remember that pulling a fire alarm is a federal offense and will be treated as such.

–Medija Muslimi

Talking up a storm

The North American debating rankings have been released and Western's debating society takes the top position, followed by the prestigious Princeton and Harvard universities.

The rankings were compiled by the Canadian University Society of Intercollegiate Debating and the American Parliamentary Debating Association, the two main debating governing bodies in North America, explained Rob Silver, president of Western's debating society.

Silver explained the classifications were determined by a point system according to the performance of the teams at competitions held over the 1996-97 school year. "We definitely benefitted from winning the Canadian national championships," he added.

The debating society hopes to continue their success at the world championships this December in Greece.

Empty pockets

Wondering what happened to the Sept. 9-12 Financial Aid Awareness Week scheduled in the event calendar?

Put on by the University Students' Council, the event is geared towards providing information to students on financial aid. USC President Ryan Parks explained the week has been postponed and the decision to do so was made after the USC calendar included in students' registration packages was printed.

There is currently no alternative date planned for the event.

–Sara Marett

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