Volume 91, Issue 9

Thursday, September 11, 1997

frosh as a daisy


Literary Corner

An Unpleasant Exit

The sharp needle penetrates through the defenseless layer of protection
As the scorching liquid travels through my body like lava spurting out of an erupting volcano
My arm sizzles like a greasy burger frying
As my teeth clench in an orgasmic way
My eyes roll back as if my life has been drained from me
Blood gushes out as the deadly nails pierces through my guilty palms
My toes curl analogous to a moment of ecstasy that has been reached
My jugular pulsates out of my neck
Threatening to burst like an aneurysm
My eyes seal as strong as a covalent bond
To introduce a color that in time will seem so familiar to me
My heart beats as fast as a galloping horse
But only to construe that the race is almost over
The gang of parasites attack my immune system
And victory is apparent as my eyes feel as heavy as my burden
I try to keep them open to see the whiteness for the last time
But the odds are heavily against this idea
Atria fibrillation is the song that my heart now sings
As the last line of American Pie is sung
Red doors appear to be opening
And the heat that exists from them singes my nose hairs
I am beckoned
I am called upon
To join my hecatomb

–Justin Klein

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