Volume 91, Issue 9

Thursday, September 11, 1997

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Terry Fox volunteers needed!

Western is an active participant in the Terry Fox campaign and this year is no exception. The University Students' Council has set up an information desk in the University Community Centre atrium this week in hopes to attract volunteers and runners for Sunday's event.

Council's Terry Fox commissioner Erica Ward said although financial donations have been up in recent years there has been a drop in volunteering. This is something she hopes to tackle this year with the theme of the campaign, "The Year of the Participant."

Yesterday's "tread-a-thon" demonstration encouraged participation and also featured a wall of hope. The wall allows people to share and dedicate memories to friends and family who have battled cancer, Ward said.

–Tony Paolo

My night class conflicts with Bev Hills...

Planning to change your timetable? Friday is the last day to add either a first-term half-course or a full-year course. It is also the last day for late registration and for students to drop a course that will be deleted on their records.

Courses dropped after Friday will appear withdrawn on academic transcripts, said Rob Tiffin, deputy registrar. He said students should be aware the fee for late registration is $110 and he advised students to visit room 190 of the Stevenson-Lawson Building for general enquiries.

For those making course alterations, respective departments, counselling and deans' offices can answer any questions, he said.

–Andrew Jefferson

Degree made in Hong Kong

The Richard Ivey School of Business is expanding its campus to Asia with plans for a new executive development centre in Hong Kong.

Targeted to be open in the fall of 1998, the campus will be located in the prestigious Hong Kong convention centre located in Wanchai, said Susanne Courtney, director of marketing and communications at Ivey.

Ivey's executive masters in business administration program will be offered and taught by senior Ivey faculty. "We have proven ourselves to be the current global leader in Asian business case study," Courtney added.

–Sara Marett

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