Volume 91, Issue 9

Thursday, September 11, 1997

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Richmond St. bank branches out

By Isaac Gysemans
Gazette Writer

Student bankers beware – the Bank of Montreal branch located just outside Western's Richmond gates is closing up shop and sending all clients to the existing branch at Masonville Place.

As of Sept. 26, all clients of the Richmond St. branch will have to travel a little farther to do their banking, although the automated banking machine will remain active for use, said Ron Robinson, senior manager for the Bank of Montreal.

For students at King's College, in particular, this bank location was very convenient, said Doug Fry, former president of King's College Students' Council.

"There is only one ABM on King's campus to accommodate approximately 2,700 students," Fry said, adding these students can no longer depend on the additional services provided by the location's human tellers.

Fry said there are already very few banks close to King's College and the affiliate students will now lose even more accessibility with the closing of the Bank of Montreal.

A nearby Canada Trust bank has taken advantage of the closing by placing a sign outside their branch reading, "Is your bank closing? Canada Trust is still open for business."

Canada Trust branch manager Donna Gray said although the majority of students choose to do their banking through the automated machines, any students wishing to consult someone in person about their banking needs should feel free do to so.

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