Volume 91, Issue 10

Friday, September 12, 1997

frosh pit


Collectively rockin' out for the kids

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HEAVEN, LET OUR HAIR HANG DOWN. The boys of Collective Soul brought peace, love and good 'ol rock 'n' roll to Centennial Hall last Monday night.

I now believe in time travel. Anyone who wants to revisit the late 1980s needs simply to spend $29.95 on a ticket to see Collective Soul.

An outlandish time was had by all at Centennial Hall last Monday night, where three-chord classic rock ballads and a splendid array of glistening guitars ruled. This, along with some long curly hair, was flung around in front of a tranquil and somewhat old-school crowd. Smoke machines and brilliant lights provided the background to the hollow 14-year-old kids who had nothing better to do than body surf like 15-year-olds. It was thoroughly amusing to see the frizzy-haired girls sitting on their boyfriend's shoulders, while wagging their lighters and emitting vociferous shrieks.

Collective Soul has an abundant repertoire of respected tunes. The band played for nearly two hours, churning out the familiar formula fretwork and mirrored melodies. The guitars sounded accomplished and no one had trouble singing along with the countless momentous hits.

However, this concert also contained the most inappropriate choice of cover tune in known history – Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazytrain." A few old-schoolers loved it, but the teenagers stood there stolid and motionless and most just painfully pretended to be oblivious.

A unique element to the band is the spiritual content of the lyrics. The themes of love and peace were abundant. As the whole crowd sang "Heaven let your light shine down" it seemed an evident prayer.

As I launched from the rock-fest into the ardent fall evening, I realized foremost that my senses needed to rehabilitate from the culture shock; but more importantly I was glowing with a sense of nostalgic bliss – because Collective Soul really did rock out for the kids.

–Kent Mckee

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