Volume 91, Issue 10

Friday, September 12, 1997

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Bump on the noggin

Re: Bicycle safety

To the Editor:

I used my bike helmet Tuesday night. I don't mean I wore it. I've worn it every time I've hopped on my bicycle – winter, spring, summer or fall; for the past 10 years. What I mean is that Tuesday night it actually became useful.

See, the problem was this: my headlight burned out halfway home. It's against Ontario law to ride without one, but I figured I wouldn't be going on any major streets – all I had to do was cross campus to Richmond, and besides, I still had my bell to warn people ahead and my rear lights so I would not be hit from behind.

I continued riding in the dark. It would have worked too, if it had not been for a low concrete barrier that was precisely where I thought it wasn't. I flipped over the barrier, banging my head on the ground hard enough to see stars despite the helmet. If I had not been wearing it, I would have a concussion for sure; maybe even worse.

As it was, I got knocked up a bit, got some road rash and had to straighten some things up on my bike. I also had to replace the helmet, of course, since they are not reusable (fortunately they are relatively cheap!). Thank you, by the way, to the two passersby who checked to make sure I was all in one piece.

Kivi Shapiro
Faculty of Communication and Open Learning PHD

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