Volume 91, Issue 10

Friday, September 12, 1997

frosh pit


Crowded club U

By Sara Marrett and Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

"It will be lots of fun and organized chaos!"

Rob Brown, clubs commissioner for Western, promises students this and more during Clubs Week, beginning Sept. 15 in the atrium of the University Community Centre.

This year promises to have the largest number of clubs in the history of Western, said Meghan Symsyk, VP-student affairs for the University Students' Council.

Because of the large numbers, events staff have been forced to change the normal setup of representing clubs to a trade show format.

"It's getting to the point where groups under 100 members are only getting half a table because we don't have enough space," Symsyk said.

Students interested in starting a club in the future may run into problems because of the great number of clubs already in existence at Western, she added.

"It's a problem we like to have because club life is the backbone of campus life," Symsyk said, adding it is a way to meet people you normally wouldn't get the chance to.

Westerns' clubs have always tried to fulfill the various interests of students yet some new clubs may be adding that something extra, as pointed out by Jonas Pennell, el presidente of the IMPROVtu Society.

"I started this club because there was a real lack of venue to do anything artistic," Pennell said. He added improv is a great activity for developing acting skills as well as helping people to learn about themselves and others.

Other new clubs include the '80s Club, the UWO Pre-Dental Society, The Felis Mortis Society, Best Buddies, The Wisdom & Might Society, the Turkish Students' Association, the Triathalon Club and the Arcadium.

Western Model United Nations Society may also seem new but some will know it as the International Relations Society.

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