Volume 91, Issue 11

Tuesday, September 16, 1997




Remember the summer? It was only two weeks ago.

Boy time flies when you have homework ...parties to attend.

Aside from the early signs of homesickness or the late signs of hangover sickness, students have had plenty to think about already this year. Here are only a few of the good, the bad and the ugly things that have popped up while everybody still has their tans.

THE GOOD: The football crowd returned for the home opener on Saturday, ending a long run of naked stands that stretched through the 1996 Mustang season until nobody saw them lose to Guelph in the first round of playoffs last year. And it's always good to see the mighty stride of Albert – Western's non-costumed mascot – parading his athleticism during his touchdown laps.

The posting of the four award recipients for excellence in undergraduate teaching based on student nominations was a summer addition to the University Community Centre stairwell. Any recognition for Western's top profs is good – maybe we should recognize the worst ones too.

THE BAD: Anyone trying to squirm their way through the UCC these days knows it isn't easy. Lineups and crowds create a total logjam of people which might cause one to wonder – are we in need of yet another UCC face-lift? Or maybe it's time to build an entirely new UCC in the cornfield in front of Brescia. It would cure the crowd problems and there would be plenty of corn on the cob for everyone.

THE UGLY: There is something to be said for reruns. Then there is something to be said for CHRW/TV Western, or should we say, DIANA TV. One repeat of the funeral was respectable, twice was acceptable, but showing it as many times as they have is terrible. Sure the station has undergone some management and programming changes, but that does not mean the students in the UCC should be injected with a two-week-old presentation instead of more campus-based information. It's time to get those cameras rolling.

Long after orientation week has been put to rest, the garbage from the tents on University College Hill remains – to highlight one of our finest buildings on campus as though it were placed on a blanket of utter filth. It's even nicer to see there are spotlights for night-time viewers, or maybe that's so the raccoons can see what their eating.

Finally, the student-stacking problem with some of the new arrivals.

The installment of bunk-beds to adjust to the over-crowded residences has made the first few weeks of some students' adult life more like it was their first few weeks at camp Western.

As good, bad or ugly as the first segment of the 1997 chapter has been, just remember – only 14 weeks until the holidays.

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