Volume 91, Issue 11

Tuesday, September 16, 1997



Press critic speaks

Re: Oh what an O-week, Sept. 9

To the Editor:
I found the article accompanying my photo to be a bland attempt at metro-style sensationalism. I am (as apparently nicknamed) "that fire guy." I am also a dedicated music soph and a concerned Western student.

As a university, we take pride in boasting our beloved Gazette as the only daily varsity paper in Canada, heralding an extensive classified section, current photos and "ooh la la" colourful comics. We do not, however, seem to have a paper interested in setting itself apart from all other mediums in this informatively-saturated age. That is; the "peer pressure" of the "papparazzi" (or papparazzi-wannabes) to turn any "event" into an "item" to be ranked, measured and criticized to the brow.

Choosing to blab about engineering pranks (a long-standing UWO tradition) or a stolen motorcycle, (which has nothing to do with O-Week, short of sharing a common date) is rather weak.

One would imagine there may have been at least one news-worthy story on the King's carnival, our shinerama mission, or the engineer's ingenious purple explosion during closing. Such positive news was omitted; negative was emphasized.

Furthermore, connecting the stolen motorbike with O-Week is a fallacy almost as large as blaming the passing of the Princess of Wales on the voodoo of the "five Shaman."

I would encourage The Gazette staff to make an effort to report positive as well as critical articles. Thomas Jefferson encouraged freedom of the press, but responsibility too.

Since The Gazette has a year of effect and Sophs only a week, I suggest a means for our beloved paper to set itself apart from other media, to be a news gathering and reporting body which endeavors to build character, morale and spirit on campus as (undoubtedly in my mind) did the entire 1997 O-Week team.

John Ramirez
Music II

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