Volume 91, Issue 11

Tuesday, September 16, 1997



Loving O-week

Re: Oh what an O-week, Sept. 9

To the Editor:
Let me first say that as a smaller faculty, music does not often get much coverage, so it was really great to see two very spirited music sophs where they belonged. However, what I was most interested in was reading the article on O-Week. Unfortunately, instead of feeling that everyone involved was being honored as they deserved, I felt rising anger at the fact that a week so full of good was reduced to two columns of criticism on everything that happened.

I have been involved in orientation week as a soph for three years, and every year its importance and all the good it does is made more clear to me. As a head soph this year, I understood even more the work and dedication that is behind a successful orientation week, and let me say that I felt this O-Week was a great success.

Every single person involved in O-Week puts their heart and soul into it and gives so much of themselves for people they hardly know. This year, more than ever, everyone was careful to make sure that everyone was safe, comfortable and welcomed. There was also a large emphasis on dry events, academics and the alternatives to drinking.

It just amazes me that our student newspaper could take a week that is so obviously full of good and have only bad things to say about it. More than that, why take completely harmless things like the engineer's pranks and turn them around to make them look so terrible? Personally, I give three cheers to the engineers for their ingenuity and creativity

So, because The Gazette didn't have the class to honour those involved in a gruelling, yet rewarding week, let me say thank you and congratulations to O-Staff, every head Soph, all Info-team members, every Soph and all first-year students for the best O-Week ever.

Kim Potter
Head Soph Music II

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