Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Romancing the screen

By Dan Yurman
Gazette Staff

You spent $400 on books, $100 on supplies and $50 on all those clubs. What are you left with? No money. That's right, your bank statement looks like something out of a horror film. You're just waiting for that call from the bank manager telling you that you and he must have a meeting. So, what's a poor student to do with free time? One suggestion – rent a film. It's cheap, it's fun and it's a good way to spend time with that special someone.

Instead of going through the usual "he wants to watch this, she wants to watch that" dilemma, here is a guide to the top 10 movies to rent with your significant other:

10. Pretty Woman – A great flick. It's got comedy, lots of it, and many cuddly scenes. The girls will enjoy the uplifting ending and the determination of Julia Roberts. The guys will love Julia Roberts. A must-rent for a cold evening that needs a little warming up. I forecast a thirty per cent chance of tears.

9. Untamed Heart – An interesting film filled with all those romantic questions you and your significant other can discuss afterwards. The characters are a bit weird (especially Christian Slater's) but all in all it's a good one. Seventy-five per cent chance of tears.

8. My Girl – "It's soooo cute" is what everybody says after seeing it. It brings back all those crushes you had when you were eight. It will really bring the two of you closer, through its touching scenes, excellent dialogue, and melodramatic scenarios. Ninety per cent chance of tears (buy two boxes of tissue.)

7. Jerry McGuire – This would have been, without question, the number one film on this list – if it was any good. To be honest, this movie is highly overrated. Its story is merely a recycled Hollywood genre picture, Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. do a severe over-acting job, and the little kid with the glasses is just plain annoying. For these reasons, however, it is a good one to watch with your significant other. She'll love the kid, he'll love Cuba and you'll both feel romantic at the end. Show me the money! Forty per cent chance of tears.

6. Sleepless in Seattle – Oh, does this movie bring out the love in a relationship. From the opening credits to the incredibly corny ending (probably the corniest of all time) it reminds you what true love is. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are stellar. Watch for an excellent performance by Ross Malinger as Jonah Baldwin. Ten per cent chance of tears.

5. Natural Born Killers – Now, some would disagree with me, but this is a pretty damn good love story. Not only that, but in some twisted Cronenberg-like fashion, it is quite erotic. The love between Mickey and Mallory is unmatched in any film ever made. It might not be the most romantic film, but man, does it get you hot. No chance of tears.

4. The Princess Bride – This is, by far, Rob Reiner's finest work and probably the best film on this list. It is the ultimate fairytale that mixes unbridled love, passion, knee-slapping comedy and witty dialogue. Lots of good fight scenes to keep the boys happy and a breathtaking English backdrop. Watch for Wallace Shawn as Vizzini – he steals the show. Five per cent chance of tears.

3. While You Were Sleeping – A really surprising movie. It's got a funny premise and interesting plot twists. It makes you laugh a lot while warming your heart. Sandra Bullock really shines as the girl who just can't see where true love lies. A great film to watch to remind yourself that you are really in love because it illustrates how awful it is to have love and not take advantage of it. Thirty per cent chance of tears

2. William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet – Wow! What a flick! A great movie to see anytime, but especially with your significant other. It's the best love story of all time and Leonardo Di Caprio and Clare Danes play their parts to perfection. Its post-modern setting adds to the sheer eroticism of the story and the supporting cast is beautiful all around. Seventy-five per cent chance of tears.

1. Ghost – This is the best movie to see with your significant other – hands down, no question about it. This movie will make you love the person next to you – even if you hate them. It has the sappiest, most lovey-dovey soundtrack and the best display of love-and-romance-without-being overly-sickening of all time. The "Do you believe?" tag is dead on. You will believe. One hundred per cent chance of tears (you might as well lay towels on the floor before you start the film.)

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