Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Literary Corner

Man Walking with Multiple Sclerosis

His face drained of emotions

As his thoughts seem to overflow his circuit

Without a blink of an eye but a silent scream for the youth in Asia

He drags his limb as it resists

His useless leg slingshots across

Before his torso flows as smoothly as rocky beach in a coil like motion

He tries to smile but his bulb is burnt out

As his empty head sleeps on his motionless shoulder

He rides his pain towards a box which lies past the boundaries of reality

He spills his leg on the asphalt transition stage

As the ruthless killers anticipate the sight of green in an Indy race way

It seems like the Gods are warning him to stop and then ordering him

But his brain seems unable to transmit this data

The conscience-free hunters cock their weapons

But the revving does not phase the man who is unable to talk

The car shrieks from the starting line

As his focused mind keeps him unfocused on walking

The shrieking of the brakes is drained out by the sound of the head

rebounding off the windshield

His body has moved for the first time

But his first movement is halted by the pavement which breaks his fall

The killer exits his car with black blood covering his hands

But this only contrasts with the white blood flowing in a lava like way

The wounded man averts his attention from the white bright light ahead

And with a determined voice the words "thank you" escapes his corpse.

–Justin Klein

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