Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Sympathy for all involved

Re: An open letter to students of the University of Western Ontario, Sept. 16

To the Editor:
I was going to write a letter dripping with sarcasm congratulating the University Students' Council. After all, they finally forced The Gazette to apologize for publishing two cartoons that not only fall within the boundaries of fair comment, but actually could be considered funny.

But I feel sorry. I feel sorry for the Muslim students who get a hollow apology when they deserve an explanation of freedom of expression and how it applies to the media. I feel sorry for the current Gazette editors forced to throw punches in a fight they didn't start. And I feel sorry for the leadership of the USC who saw fit to run the apology, believing they were in the right, covering their legal asses in an attempt to make complainants go away and showing complete disregard for the current Gazette editors' judgement.

Great, an apology has been run. I know I slept better last night, but I can't speak for anyone whose life is in danger as a result of religious beliefs. I hope the USC's upper echelon feels like they've done their part, I know making problems go away is important when you have better things to do like plan Homecoming.

Oh, and congratulations again on thumping The Gazette. I know the lessons the USC taught me about extremely poor management were stellar and I'd hate to think The Gazette's current editors weren't getting the same treatment.

Hugh Scholey
Gazette Supervising Editor 1995-96

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