Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Open letter to Davenport

To the Editor:
An open letter to President Paul Davenport:

Dear President Davenport,

I was surprised at the article "Help available at every step, students told" in the Sept. 11 issue of the Western News. I sincerely hope you would help first-year students but my purpose in writing is to remind you of how this particular third-year doctoral candidate has been treated.

I came forward and asked for help in Oct. 1996. I was told to wait. I waited until January '97 when things reached critical mass. Since then I have written to you in desperation three times to Minister Snobelen three times. The Minister responded all three times whereas you didn't even once. I have now been without a supervisor for eight months, I have been denied access to the resources I repeatedly requested to continue my research and nobody has helped me change this situation. I have sought help from the following: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Ombudsperson, Society of Graduate Students, Equity Services, Senate, Board of Governors, London branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women...

It falls on deaf ears that academic rules and regulations and the university's policies and procedures have been violated. My experience has been that faculty and staff do not feel these apply to them and apply only selectively to students. I would like to remind you that students pay tuition for services, resources and a quality education and ultimately it is the faculty and staff who will determine student numbers and rates of attrition.

Hana Skrdla

Status Unknown

Applied Mathematics PHD III

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