Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Weldon work-over

By Maija Ambrogio
Gazette Writer

Next summer the D.B. Weldon Library will experience a major face-lift – an attempt to do away with the confusion often associated with visiting the vast resource centre.

The cost for the renovations has been totaled at $2.5 million. However, since final designs have not been made available, the question of where this money will come from has yet to be answered, said Kevin Goldthorp, director of Western's 125th Anniversary Campaign.

Goldthorp said the funds will be solicited from foundations, corporations, individuals and will be accompanied by a government grant.

However, this $2.5 million will cover merely the construction costs and not the costs for the technology required to fill this new space. In order to obtain these funds additional financial soliciting must be done, he said.

Renovations, which are still in the developmental stages, include altering the entrance area and levelling the main floor of the library to produce an organized common area, said Dave Ridell, senior director of Western's physical plant.

This new ground level will have many benefits for students and staff, said Mary Ann Mavirnac, head of public services for Weldon. It will present a clear definition of where services are and re-organize the area to make it more efficient, she said.

Some staff offices will be moved to other locations to provide more space, she said, adding this space will be used to move all government publications into one area and provide more room for students to study.

Also, the area below the first floor will be covered and levelled off in order to create space needed to consolidate computer services, Mavirnac said.

"This space will be used as an information commune which will be wired for future systems in an attempt to re-fabricate Weldon for technology that was unheard of when the building opened in 1972," she added.

Mavirnac said because of the heavy use of Weldon's facilities these renovations are a necessity in order to provide the best services.

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