Volume 91, Issue 12

Wednesday, September 17, 1997



Quirks & Smirks

Quirks & Smirks explores the opinions of you–the students of Western. Each day we take a news issue and find out what students have to say about it. Today's questions involve the "I am Canadian" rally.

Would you attend an "I am Canadian" rally promoting a united Canada on the night that Jacques Parizeau is scheduled to speak at Western?

"Probably not. If [students] want to have a rally that's up to them, but I'm just not politically interested enough."
–Patrick Coggins, Social Science II

"I think I would attend because I am Canadian with Quebec as a part of my Canada. If students speak out for something they believe in, then it's worthwhile."
–Justin Mathew, Physical Therapy I

"I would attend but I wouldn't agree with any kind of disruptive force. The student body is a strong influence and if the rally is done in a mature and well-organized manner it will have more of an impact on Parizeau."
–Kate Brady, Social Science III

"I am from Quebec and I don't think it's necessary to think that showing Parizeau a nationalistic attitude is going to do anything, especially because he is not in power right now. It won't hurt to protest but it won't accomplish anything."
–Michelle Taylor, Law II

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