Volume 91, Issue 13

Thursday, September 18, 1997



Put up or shut up

Re: An open letter to the students of the University of Western Ontario, Sept. 16, and subsequent letters

To the Editor:
Once again there is an outcry. Last year, besides the Horovitz issue, there was the Black Student's issue, the questionable wording during the cultural caravan, etc. It is true that the USC would feel worried about potential legal matters. I sympathize with that. I also feel for the Black Students' Association, the Muslim Students and others who feel victimized by The Gazette. But these ethnically diverse students are not the only ones. What about mature students? What about disabled students? What about the large and silent majority of students who find the Valentines edition or any other edition offensive? So why aren't these people who are complaining down working at the campus newspaper to change perceptions and get involved?

I am grateful that when I walk into a bookstore I can buy that book which is not allowed in a library somewhere else in the world because it is censored. When I buy the newspaper, I know it will have news and sometimes scandals. The way to fight a lack of understanding about ethnic issues, or any other, is not by forcing it, not by name calling, but by letters of protest, and involvement in your campus newspaper. Get involved. In other words, put up or shut up. The only way true change will come is by doing something yourself. Guess I'll see you at the campus newsroom.

Paula Platero
Hon Political Science IV

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